Fish Cookery

Knowing your fish facts will open up a whole new world of possibilities in your kitchen! Chef Christy will lead you through four basic techniques […] Read More

Sauces Simplified

Feeling saucy? Wish you could serve your dinners looking like they do on the food shows or in fancy restaurants? Wouldn’t know a Mother Sauce […] Read More

Our Class Line Up

  We have a variety of classes available at the Cooking School at Irwin Street, designed to accommodate all tastes and skill levels. Here’s a […] Read More

Summertime Salads

What better time to enjoy the bounty of gardens and farmer’s markets, and what better way that with fresh summertime salads? Chef Christy will cover […] Read More

Singles Event

It’s Speed Dating , AND it’s also a cooking class! It’s Speed Date Cooking! We combined all the best ingredients of a great dating event […] Read More