One Hour Herbs – Mint

Nothing is quite as soothing as a hot cup of peppermint tea on a cold day. But mint can do much more than ease a headache or tummyache. As a natural refrigerant, mint cools your […] Read More

Mixology Made Easy

Mixing drinks isn’t simply making a tasty recipe, it is an art form. Mixed, muddled, twisted, dusted, foamed, flamed, speared, layered, shaken AND stirred, there are hundreds to thousands of drinks that have been invented […] Read More

New From Chef Christy

We love our chefs and are so happy to share info about them and all the cool things they are doing! This month Chef Christy expanded her web presence to include a blog Kings Taste […] Read More

One Hour Herbs – Basil

Herbs bring fabulous new flavors to your food from salads, meats and vegetables, but also to appetizers, soups, desserts and even beverages! One Hour Herbs will guide you through the many uses of popular herbs, […] Read More

Cooking For Special Diets

Part 1 introduces students to a discussion of various diets and typical restrictions, basic kitchen skills, avoiding cross-contamination, reading food labels, the nutritional make-up of foods, and making successful substitutions in recipes. Utilizing fresh, local, […] Read More

Smoking Hot

On the schedule this week, join Chef Sandy for Smokin Hot, a class on cooking on your smoker.  Menu includes: Shrimp Kabobs on Asian Salad Stuffed Jalapenos Ribs Chicken Potato Salad Learn: Principles of Smoking […] Read More

Profiles in Flavor – Greece

Greece is the birthplace of the original Mediterranean Diet. The fresh tastes of tender grape leaves, succulent lamb, and fragrant herbs still evoke the Foods of the Gods. Discover the history of this rich ancient […] Read More

Fish Cookery

Knowing your fish facts will open up a whole new world of possibilities in your kitchen! Chef Christy will lead you through four basic techniques for cooking delicious fish: marinated, poached, dredged and sautéed, and […] Read More

Sauces Simplified

Feeling saucy? Wish you could serve your dinners looking like they do on the food shows or in fancy restaurants? Wouldn’t know a Mother Sauce if it told you to wear a warm shirt? Sauces […] Read More

Our Class Line Up

  We have a variety of classes available at the Cooking School at Irwin Street, designed to accommodate all tastes and skill levels. Here’s a listing of our current classes, keep checking back though because […] Read More

Profiles in Flavor – Caribbean

When Columbus went looking for a new route to the riches and spices of Cathay, he was somewhat off the mark when he landed in the Carribbean, but he found riches and spices nonetheless. Discover […] Read More

Summertime Salads

What better time to enjoy the bounty of gardens and farmer’s markets, and what better way that with fresh summertime salads? Chef Christy will cover some basics for green leafy salads and making your own […] Read More

Holiday Week Schedule

the Cooking School at Irwin Street will be closed Monday in observance of Memorial Day and reopen on Tuesday. So this weeks TGIF special offers are for next weeks weekday classes. Visit our schedule and […] Read More

Cooking Can Increase Your Lifespan!

Have you been considering learning to cook or honing up your cooking skills by taking cooking classes? Here’s some new research that might interest you. A new study published by the Cambridge University Press has […] Read More