KIDS at The Cooking Schools

At the Cooking Schools we not only love working with kids, we are committed to giving them the best possible exposure to kitchen basics but safety as well.

Our teen program, which we lovingly call The Nutso Secret Stone Soup Society is scheduled most Sundays at noon gives kids a chance to learn what they want to learn…from baking biscuits from scratch to learning how to make an entire meal for the family and everything in between. CLICK HERE for booking and more information.

We have also introduced our Rising Young Chef Camp for Summer 2023. Four different sessions, each consisting of four days – four and a half hours per day. Your rising young chef will learn a multitude of skills, kitchen safety and cleanup. CLICK HERE for booking and more information.

If you are thinking about putting together a child’s cooking party we love doing them and your child and friends will have a blast. Pricing is similar to that for adults and we will price an experience for your child that takes into account their age, experience, and favorite foods. For more information, email us at