Sage & Sausage Pierogies

Sage and Sausage Pierogies

You may not remember but East Atlanta used to have one of the best restaurants in town…Heaping Bowl and Brew…and they served a dish that Chef Jake says is one of the favorites of his lifetime… Sage and Sausage Pierogies. We have been given the privilege of teaching this time honored dish by Todd Semrau the creator of the cafe and the dish and we couldn’t be more thrilled or proud.

In this class you will learn how to make pierogies, a Polish potato dumpling with sausage and apples and all the rest that makes this dish one of the best comfort foods you’ll ever taste. Since we are a BYOB class and pierogies go great with hard cider or beer…that’s what Chef Jake recommends you bring when you come to this heaping bowl of fun.

Upcoming Dates:
Saturday, Sept 19th at 3pm
Wednesday, Oct 28th at 7pm

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