A Night In Budapest

Chicken Paprikash

A Night in Budapest:

While Paris may be the culinary capital of western Europe, Budapest is undeniably the food capital of the east. A culinary tradition 1000 years old with paprika at the core, Hungarian gastronomy is one of the finest in the world. Join Hungarian aficionado and foodie Dave Glick for an introduction to the core elements of Hungarian cooking.

Dave will be lecturing on the origins of Hungarian cuisine, key terms, intolerance of cheap paprika, core flavors and the key techniques of the Hungarian kitchen. The class will then apply the concepts presented to them in the preparation of three potted Hungarian classic dishes. Students will learn how to properly modulate heat, smoke and spices to maximize the flavor absorption of both the proteins and pasta they will be preparing.

The menu will consist of a freshly prepared and marinated cucumber salad, hand made pasta and Chicken Paprikash – 3 different ways.

Upcoming Dates:
Saturday August 17th at 3pm

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