Smoking 101

Smoking 101

Join pitmaster Ed Gaile and learn how to smoke low and slow!

Ed will be teaching smoking techniques on a Kamado Joe ceramic smoker, a gas grill, and a Weber kettle grill.

He will cover everything from:

· Setting your grill/smoker up for indirect cooking

· Smoking temperatures

· Types of fuel and wood used for smoking

· Injecting and preparing meats

In this class, while other meats will be discussed, Ed will show you how to prepare and smoke a pork shoulder. The class will enjoy pulled pork sandwiches and two seasonal sides.

One lucky student will win a Javelin instant read meat thermometer – a must have device for smoking meats!

**Please Note: So very sorry, but Discount Vouchers will not be accepted for this Advanced Premium Class

Upcoming Dates:
Sunday, February 17th at 11am

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