Nona’s Gnocchi


Title: Nona’s Gnocchi
Location:Cooking School at Irwin Street Kitchen

Description:  In this class, you will learn 2 variations on gnocchi with 3 uses and the secrets to Nona’s Gnocchi.

Appetizer: Gnocchi with sun dried tomato dipping sauce.
Side dish / party casserole: Gnocchi Malachi – gnocchi baked in vodka tomato sauce ziti style.
Main Dish: Gnocchi Sorrento – gnocchi with grilled chicken in a bright lemony bur blanc finished with goat cheese

You will also learn the importance of good kitchen practices, including the value of mise en place, and a light weight version of a commercial station.

Upcoming Dates:
Saturday, May 18th at 7pm  CANCELLED

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