Meal Prep: Superfood, Superfast, Supereasy

superfoodsalmon (1)Description: A home cooked meal that is super good for you…made w/ super foods…super fast & super easy? Absolutely! How about a delicious meal packed with taste and nutrition all in 30 minutes? Students will prep, cook and sit down to enjoy this meal!

In December’s special class, Chef Nyesha will teach you how to Meal Prep!

Sample Menu:
wild-caught salmon with pecan and greens pesto
sauteed kale and collard with mushrooms
roasted root vegetables
dark green salad with balsamic dijon vinaigrette

and of course, after the meal, you will have your choice of ice cream or joyscream (a superfood)!

Upcoming Dates:
Monday December 19th at 7pm

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