Profiles in Flavor – Caribbean

When Columbus went looking for a new route to the riches and spices of Cathay, he was somewhat off the mark when he landed in the Carribbean, but he found riches and spices nonetheless. Discover the native and transplanted foods and rich history of the area surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, famous for Buccanneers (named for a grill the pirates used for cooking meats), Jerk seasonings (first created by hunters to preserve meats), breadfruit (that caused the Mutiny on the Bounty), curries, fruity drinks and more.
Menu: Pan de Yucca (cheesey cassava biscuits)
Curried Goat and Lentil Stew
Calliloo (Caribbean spinach with saltfish)
Mother-In-Law (spicy vegetable slaw)
Rice and Peas
Nojitos (virgin lime, mint, and sugar cane drinks) BYOB!

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